Protect your inventions

First, the patent law firm engages in an exploratory exchange to clarify the essential characteristics of your inventions and evaluate with you the prior art, supplemented by a possible search.

A patentability study is then carried out to determine whether your invention is patentable. Then follows the drafting of your patent application, which will be filed before a patent office (INPI, EPO,…), the patent law firm will supervise the prosecution until the patent application is granted.

Throughout this phase, the patent law firm ensures that the IP strategy is properly aligned with your company’s overall strategy.

Protection of your inventions
  • Prior art searches
  • Patentability opinions
  • Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Drafting and filing of patent applications
  • Patent prosecution
  • Renewal fee management

Defend your rights

The patent law firm intervenes in all your disputes, particularly in the case of patent infringement activities. We can also intervene in your opposition proceedings before the EPO.

We draft and negotiate all your patent contracts (license agreements, co-ownership contracts, partnership agreements, etc.).

We also manage any dispute related to employees’ inventions.

Defending your rights
  • Detection of counterfeiting activities
  • Counterfeiting opinions
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Pre-litigation and litigation
  • Negotiating and drafting In & Out Licensing Agreements
  • Co-ownership agreement drafting
  • Inventions made by employees

Develop your IP strategy

In addition to strategic patent monitoring, the patent law firm studies the freedom to use (freedom-to-operate) your products, methods, etc.

We also provide strategic analysis and valuation of third party patent portfolios, particularly those that may include several hundred or even thousands of patent families.

Finally, we assist you in obtaining innovation grants from various organizations.

IP strategy
  • Patent strategic watches
  • Non-infringement/ Freedom-to-operate/ Invalidity opinions
  • Strategic analysis and valuation of patent portfolios
  • Patent awareness and IP culture development
  • IP support in your fundraising activities
  • Assistance in obtaining innovation grants
  • Optimization of your PI processes